We landed in Sayulita a few years ago, running from the crowd and frenzy of one of Mexico’s largest cities. We decided to explore our most adventurous side, left everything behind, and reinvented ourselves as part of this colorful, flourishing community.

aboutuspicWe were lucky enough to find this magnificent location -which used to host one of the oldest guesthouses in town. With support of family and friends, we decided to refurbish it from the ground up for comfort, functionality, sustainable travel policies, and an unforgettable overall experience.

The original house from the 1960’s was built with traditional rural techniques and consisted of several irregular buildings spread across green areas. We decided to restore and renew this traditional building style for the original constructions, while introducing more contemporary architectural elements in new areas. The rooms were all inspired in local elements of nature such as rain, coastlines, ferns, starry skies, dawn & dusk. We used as many traditional techniques as possible, while working closely with local craftsmen. This includes old style herringbone red brick, pebble floors, mosaics, cement floors, and beautiful tropical woods. Interior design elements also play with the new and old. We included antique pieces, repurposed, restored, and handcrafted furniture together with many Mexican high quality handcrafts.

Creating this place has been a challenging and captivating experience. Share with us at Casa Nawalli the materialization of our most colorful dreams, let yourself be embraced by awe and love at our exuberant gardens and gorgeous facilities.

María Fernanda Barrero