What to do in Sayulita?

What to do in Sayulita?

1 Beach life

The main activity in Sayulita is on the beach, because the beautiful vast quiet beaches are perhaps the most beautiful beaches we know. Go to the local supermarket to get some drinks and refreshments and enjoy the beach life to the fullest. We also rented a umbrella of 10 dolllars for a full day. And that too is highly recommended because the sun can burn here seriously!

2 Star Watch in Sayulita

And as if this place is not magical

enough during the day, you can once again watch a beautiful starry sky at night. In this place you can really see hundreds of stars. So here too you can lie down on the beach with a blanket and do something very romantic. You can even go a bit earlier… because the sunset is definitely worth a look here!

3 Marietas Islands

The Marietas Islands are a group of islands that are wonderful to visit. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do this because of the wrong planning. On Mondays and Tuesdays you can’t sail to the islands, to keep the island clean and protect. A reason for us to return to Sayulita so, although there are more reasons.

4 Donkey or horse rides

In Sayulita you can also make fun rides on a donkey or horses. We’ve heard this mainly from people who have done this themselves, because we’re not really the kind of people who do this. Especially since we care about the animals. We weren’t quite sure that these animals were treated well here. Do you want to do this? Then you can find these in the center of the village.

5 Day Trip Puerto Vallarta

A day trip to Puerto Vallarta is definitely highly recommended, and although you may not be able to see this city completely in one day, it is certainly too difficult to go shopping on the Malecom, for example. Or to visit the zona romantics. Although of course there is much more to do in Puerto Vallarta.

What to do in Sayulita

6 Golf carts hire

Anyone who comes to Sayulita can’t look next to it: the golf carts. You can rent them to get around easily and also just because it’s a fun way to explore the coast. So you can see every corner of Sayulita in a short time. Mind you, these golf carts are not allowed on the main public road. For the best price of a golf cart you have to compare and above all dare to negotiate.

7 Unique shopping

In Sayulita you can shop very well. And while there are some nice boutiques to buy clothes, it is especially nice to look for unique and authentic souvenirs at the local stalls. kraampjes There are a lot of handmade souvenirs to be found. This is a very unique way of shopping that you will only find here. However, bidding at these stalls seems disrespectfulto us , as the prices here are already very low. Especially for handicrafts you can be sure that you are already paying the best price.

8 Relaxation

If there’s one more thing you can definitely do in Sayulita, it’s relaxing. Relaxation can be found here in the form of all kinds of (water)sports such as surfing. There are a number of surf clubs and the whole village also has a surfers vibe. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a yogaretreat here or you can just enjoy a day of wellness or a wonderful massage. We have also tried this out and we can definitely recommend this!

Sayulita something for you?

Is Sayulita is for you after reading the list ‘what to do in Sayulita’? Then definitely take a look at the options to stay here. 

What to do in Sayulita? Surfing!


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